Windows Vista

If you purchased a copy of Class Mate version 7 prior to Windows Vista and later installed it on a Vista machine, it is important that you relocate the data file outside of the Program Files folder. To determine the location of the data file, look at the title bar of the program which shows the location of the currently open teacher file. If it says something like "C:\Program Files\Class Mate\My Classes.tea", then the data file is located in the Program Files folder and needs to be moved. Although it may appear to work normally, it will cause problems later especially if you ever need to make a copy of the data file.

1. Create a sub folder in your Documents folder named "Class Mate Files".
2. From the program menu select "File/Teacher Files/Save as...".
3. Browse to the "My Documents\Class Mate Files" folder you created and save the file there.
4. Verify that the location of the file has changed in the title bar. It should now read something like "C:\Users\....\Documents\Class Mate Files\My Classes.tea".

Do not try to move the file manually using Windows explorer. Make sure you do this through the programs menu as described above. Behind the scenes, Vista has actually moved this file to a different location, and a copy made manually will not contain your data! Hopefully this will be fixed in later Vista upgrades.