Teacher Files

Teacher files (.tea) contain all of the data about your students, classes, and grades. Since a teacher file can handle information about multiple classes, you will usually have only one teacher file. If many teachers share the same computer or the program is installed on a network accessed by many teachers, you can create separate teacher files for each teacher.
When first installed, the default teacher file is named "My Classes.tea". This file contains some sample classes which you can delete once you are on the way with your own classes.

The full path and name of the currently open teacher file is displayed in the program title bar.

The following features are available from the File menu:

Save as..:

Select a different teacher file to open.
Create a new teacher file.
Make a copy of the current teacher file with a different name.
Rename the current teacher file.
Make a backup of the current teacher file (.teb).
Restore a teacher file from a backup file.

For help with making backups or moving data between two computers, see the section on backing up files.

By default the last teacher file opened by a user is automatically opened when the program is started. You can disable this feature by selecting Options : Program Options from the main menu and de-selecting this option. You will then be prompted to open a teacher file on program start up.

You can also open a teacher file by clicking on the teacher file or creating a shortcut to the teacher file on your desktop.

For each teacher file, a teacher folder is automatically created as a place to store other files and local settings for that teacher. The teacher folder is named "filename Files". For My Classes.tea the teacher folder is "My Classes Files". The teacher folder (and its subfolders) are used by the program to store local settings for that teacher, automatic backups, saved reports, Excel spreadsheets, mail merge files etc.