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My question is not answered here?
  You can write us at support@classmategrading.com or call us at 915-203-6114.
How do I get updates?
  Click The "Downloads" link on our web site, then click the link "Upgrades for Registered Users". Upgrades to your purchased version that you download are always free, or you can order an upgrade CD.
How can I move my data to another computer?
  You can use the File/Backup and File/Restore feature to copy data from one computer to another or you can simply copy your "teacher file" from one computer to another. For details see Teacher Files.
Do you have a version that will run on a Mac?

Sorry, we do not have a MAC version for this program. It will only run on Windows computers.

How do I install my new program without losing the data that I entered into the demo?

Your data will automatically be transferred when you install the registered version to the same folder where the demo is located. This will happen automatically if you allow the installation programs to install to their default locations.

Can I keep my teacher file on a removable drive or a USB memory stick?

Yes, just copy your teacher file to the drive, and then select "File/Teacher Files/Open Another File", and select the file on your removable drive to open it. Be careful to make sure you are using the correct file when you open the program by checking its name in the program title bar. If you start the program before inserting your drive, it will not automatically open the correct teacher file.

I'm starting a new school year, how do I get rid of my old classes?

It is not necessary to delete your old classes every time you need to start a new class. In many cases it is convenient to keep them for awhile for reference. When your sure you will no longer need them select Class/Delete from the main menu and select the class to delete. If your new classes are pretty much the same as your old ones (same categories, assignments etc), you can use the Class/Copy Clone feature to quickly set up your new classes using your old ones.

I need to install on a new computer but I lost my registration number?

If you purchased a CD, the registration number is printed on the CD label. If you got a download (and hopefully saved the file), the registration number is built in and is entered automatically.

I lost my installation CD, can I get a replacement?

Send us an e-mail with the name and address we originally shipped your CD to. We will return a link to order a replacement CD for $5.00. You can contact us at support@classmategrading.com

Can I use the program both on my home and school computers?

Absolutely! Install the program on both systems and use Backup and Restore to move the data between computers. See the FAQ on moving data between computers for more information. You do not need to purchase two copies to do this.

What are the "Grade" and "Score" columns used for when I enter grades?

If you enter in the Grade column, the program assumes you are entering a % grade earned on the assignment. If you enter in the Score column it assumes you are entering a score based on the number of assignment points you defined for the assignment. For example if an assignments point value is 50 points, entering a 90 in the grade column or a 45 in the score column will yield the same thing, and whichever one you enter the other is calculated. These options are provided only to make it more convenient to enter grades.

How do I delete the sample classes?

We recommend that you keep the sample classes until you have already created your own classes and are familiar with the program. Afterwards select "Class/Delete" to remove the sample classes. To create your own classes, select "Class/New" from the main menu.

What is my Teacher File?

Your teacher file is the file where all of your data is stored. Since a teacher file can contain multiple classes, it is usually only necessary to have one teacher file. The default name of the teacher file is "My Classes.tea" and it is located in the folder "My Documents/Class Mate Files". The name of the currently open teacher file is always displayed in the programs title bar.

What is my Teacher Folder?

For each teacher file, the program creates a teacher folder to save miscellaneous files it creates such as automatic backups or reports you save as pdf files. The folder is named the same as the teacher file with "Files" appended, i.e." My Classes.tea", "My Classes Files". Usually you should not modify or change most files stored in the teacher folder. For example you should not save your own backups there, or you should not use the teacher file copies stored there as your regular teacher file.

I teach college, I teach elementary. Is this program right for me?

The program options make it suitable for all education levels without requiring different versions. Features that are not appropriate for a particular class or grade level can be ignored.

What is a Multiple Subject Class?

The usual purpose of this feature is for teachers who teach the same group of students different disciplines. This is typical of many elementary schools where a teacher might teach Reading, English, History, etc. to the same students. It also can be used in other situations such as a college class with separate Lecture and Lab grades. If you teach to different groups of students each period, then you should create different classes rather than one class with multiple subjects.

How many students, assignments, etc. can I have in a class?

There are no practical limits to these numbers - more than you will ever need. The most students we've seen is a single class was over 1500 students. Classes that last for an entire year may easily have hundreds of assignments by the end of the school year.

Can I curve an assignment, a class, use extra credit? Can I drop the lowest grade, track attendance, conduct grades?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

I bought a download copy a while ago but can't find the file. Can I get another download?

The file you downloaded was named "setup_(your last name).exe". We keep copies of download files for six months, and if we have it we will be glad to send it to you. If not, see the FAQ on getting a replacement CD.

How do I e-mail reports to students or parents?

First you have to set up e-mail addresses for your students in the student setup screen. Next you have to setup your e-mail account information in Options/Setup/E-Mail. Your account information is provided to you by your school or your Internet service provider if you're using it at home. This is the same information that you would use to setup Outlook or Outlook Express and consists of a SMTP server, a username and a password. Afterwards you can automatically e-mail any of the reports you save in PDF format by selecting the reports(s) and pressing the e-mail button.